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Ed Sabbaugh Construction, LLC

Our product is produced here in America. We are a proud supporter of our veterans, through Honor Flight San Diego, plus all active duty military and their families. 

We fabricate the Honeycomb exterior panel system, as required and approved by Audi of America. This system is installed on the exterior of the showroom, Box 1, as per Audi's standard for an approved facility remodel or new build. Click on tab above to view general shop drawings along with different dealerships. Shop drawings specific to your project will be provided once a contract is signed.

This system is comprised of three components:

  1.  Trim pieces which are installed first around the showroom windows, some man doors, corners of the building and single office windows
  2. Corrugated panels are installed prior to the Honeycomb system and are 24 gauge Metallic Silver, 36 inches wide by 16 feet in length
  3. Honeycomb is installed over the corrugated panels

The aluminum used for fabrication of the Honeycomb is .080 gauge thickness and 5005 H34 full anodized quality material.  After fabrication, it is then anodized with a clear finish. Anodizing aluminum takes the natural oxidation process a few steps further. By introducing electricity and chemicals, a denser surface results which then brings out the natural variations in the aluminum. Color variation will happen and is to be expected. 

The system MUST be installed over 5/8" plywood and commercial grade weather barrier. We recommend Tyvek weather barrier. This is to be installed by subcontractor of the GC's choosing. Plywood and weather barrier is not  included in the pricing for the Honeycomb system.

Audi of America requires the showroom window mullions be on 5 foot centers. Our product is designed to have the C-Channels line up exactly with the mullions. We can accommodate dealerships with specific City codes for the window systems to be on less 5 foot centers due to weather conditions, i.e. hurricanes, to still have the C-Channels align with the mullions.

All fastners for the Honeycomb system will be supplied by Ed Sabbaugh Construction, LLC.

Prices can be quoted for material only or material and installation by Ed Sabbaugh Construction, LLC.